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Now Screening:

Nov 30, 2001 at 8:00pm:

Films by Corinna Schnitt

“Out of Your Clothes”

director/ protagonist /voice Corinna Schnitt
Camera Justyna Feicht
Jens Ludwig
Light Karin Seeling
Tschekideh Shachabian


Out of your clothes (Off-text: Raus aus seinen Kleidern) 16 mm, 7.5 min, colour, optical sound, 1999)

What are people doing to feel good about themselves?
“That is a rule of mine, that I don`t want to have a man who tumbles his laundry dry. In a dryer all kinds of stuff mixes in the fibres, and you can feel it right away. You just can`t feel comfortable in clothes like that.“

Funded by the Hessische Filmförderung. Received Shortfilmprize 3 Sat. Screened at International Filmfestival Oberhausen



“Schönen, guten Tag/ Hello Ms. Schnitt”


concept / protagonist/ director: Corinna Schnitt
camera: Jens Ludwig
text: found


Schönen, guten Tag/ Hello Ms. Schnitt, 16 mm, b/w, optical sound, 5 min, 1995

An observation of special life situations in a tenants-house in Germany. “For your information we would just like to tell you it would be inconceivable if this key were to be lost. And if the one which you are using now were to be lost as well there would be no possibility of entering your toilet, and no locksmith could...“

Hello, Ms. Schnitt (off text, english translation)
Hello Ms. Schnitt, this is Stov, Am Hof 3. I just wanted to tell you for the sake of good order, that on May, 19th, around 8 or 8.30 in the morning on the right hand of the house, repairs will be carried out on the water pipes. And the main faucet is located in your cellar. Once you were so very kind to trust us with your cellar key. I just wanted to inform you for the sake of good order rthat as long as the work lasts we will turn off the faucet, we will close your cellar and afterwards lock everything again,and we thank you very much in advance, Ms. Schnitt. -– peep

Hello, ms. Schnitt, this is Stov calling again. My husband has already talked to you in detail about it, and we would like to ask you again, that you should absolutely take note that neither above, left, right, nor over your sink should you not nail, drill or fix srews etcetera. The water pipes are located there as well as the drainage pipe and the electric wiring. We urge you to absolutely take note of this and if you have any questions concerning this matter please call us.– peep

Good evening, Ms. Schnitt, this is Mrs. Stov. I just wanted to ask you and at the same time inform you, that last Sunday, yes, I believe it was this Sunday past there were...some Jehovah`s witnesses in the house and they were also up here. But we took care of them right away. And then the ladies went downstairs and we could hear that they tried to open several toilet doors in the hallway on the first floor. And to our surprise they succeeded in opening your toilet door. We would like to ask you in your own interest and in ours to help keep the door closed because you never know who will go in there. So, if you could make sure that your toilet door...peep

Ms. Schnitt, good morning, this is Stov. We have one question. Some time ago you picked up the spare key for your toilet, because you forgot yours on your vacation. Now our question is, do you have it back again? Or how do you ...Have you got the key back in the meantime? Could you inform us? And Then I really must ask you to confirm this phone call.But for your information we would just like to tell you it would be inconceivable if this key were to be lost. And if the one which you are using now were to be lost as well there would be no possibility of entering your toilet, and no locksmith could...peepMs. Schnitt, one more thing. As I said it would be inconceivable if these keys were to be lost,because no locksmith could help then. Maybe you have already realized that it is a special and unique key. And if the key is lost one could not get a carpenter these days to break open the toilet door, or it would be extremely expensive. And furthermore, it would be really kind if you could confirm this call. Because...we would agree to have a new duplicate key made, if you... against invoice which we would reimburse you. Please do confirm this call, because it would really be unthinkable... peep




“Between four and six."




camera Justyna Feicht
actors Ehepaar Oldemeyer
Corinna Schnitt
concept/ director/ voice-over Corinna Schnitt


Between four and six (Zwischen vier und sechs) 16 mm, colour, optical sound, 6 min, 1998

„I think it’s really important that a family has something that holds it together –
something that we can all do together. I am happy that it just all fell into place
for us and that we didn’t have to spend too much time thinking about what it
was that we could do together.“

{...] Now sunday is our family day, we always have a coffee together and then go out and clean. I work now so I simply have lot less time than I used to, that’s why I somehow think it is OK to clean on Sundays now. You shouldn’t really work on sundays but as I said I quite often like to do things with friends on saturdays so to make it a regular thing Sunday had to be the day. We usually manage four or five signs each Sunday, the actual cleaning doesn’t take long at all, about 5 minutes maybe. What takes the most time is setting up the ladder and walking backwards and forwards, so depending on how far apart the signs are it simply takes time because we have to walk such a long w
My father has marked in the signs on a street map and always notes down exactly when we clean each one. It’s a new task for him in his retirement and he really enjoys it. We only use PRIL, that does the job, for the toughest stains we occasionally have to use a brush and we always have ATA with us, but on the whole it’s not necessary to use such a harsh cleaner, it works as well with PRIL. A little bit of PRIL in some water and then a soft cloth.[...]



“The Sleeping Girl / Das Schlafende Mädchen”


director Corinna Schnitt
camera Justyna Feicht
camera-operator Erwin Steen
grip Rob van Lamberts
Richard v.d.Oord
Voice-over Dirk Königsfeld
painting “Das schlafende Mädchen“ by Johannes Vermeer
location vacation-domizil “De Banjaard“, Zeeland, Niederlande


The sleeping girl / Das schlafende Mädchen 16 mm, 8.30 min., colour, optical sound, 2001

With one long shot the camera presents the surrounding of a suburbian colony of single family houses. A clean ideal, but deserted and with a ghostly atmosphere. Only at the end of the film there is a sign of human presence: a message is left on an answering machine. An insurance agent talks about the possibilities of life- insurance, the perfect pension scheme and his lost ball-pen.

The sleeping girl english translation voice-over: Das schlafende Mädchen
Yes, Richards from Bamburger Insurance, Good afternoon Ms Schnitt, Ms Schnitt, a while ago, last year, I came and saw you and we spoke about an occupational disability insurance, as far as I remember, yes, and I believe I even sent you something about this, if I remember rightly, and asked you on this occasion if you could return my ballpoint pen to me. Perhaps you could simply call me back at 0175-3138795 or 502989 as it is really very important to me, and I can
definitely come and pick it up myself, I’d just like to have it back, and it doesn’t matter, if you have decided against the insurance, if you say it is not really something for me after all, however if you’re still not sure I would be happy for us to talk about it again... yes, thank you. I just received a message from my colleague that you called at twelve fifteen and I now have a
note to say that you do have further questions pertaining to the pension scheme and life- insurance in regards to the previous offer, now I don’t know exactly what it is that you would like to know, we should, I think, get together again, and then you won’t need to send me the ball
point pen, I will collect it myself, we can talk about it again, about the perfect insurance scheme for your situation, what it is, exactly, that you would like, and, I would ask you simply to call me about this matter, or leave me a number where you can be contacted during the day. In any case you can get in touch with me anytI me at, as I mentioned before, 0175-3138795. Thank you.

Premiere 5. Juli 2001, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin / 16.Juli Kino in der Brotfabrik Bonn
September 2001, Short Cuts, Cologne / Oktober 2001, Viper, Basel, Schweiz / November 2001, Winterthur, Schweiz / November 2001, Filmfestival Münster / November 2001, pp-projects, Auckland, Neuseeland / November 2001, C-Level, L.A., USA / November 2001, Cal- Arts Institute, Valencia, USA / Januar 2002, Filmwinter Stuttgart / Januar 2002, Bamberger Kurzfimtage / Februar 2002, Filmfestival Rotterdam / März 2002, Filmprogramm im Folkwang Museum Essen / April 2002, f_films, Regisseurinnen in Frankreich und Deutschland, Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt / April 2002, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück / April 2002, Filmfestival Dresden / Mai 2002, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

2002 Norman 2000, Stuttgarter Filmwinter.
Prize of the german filmcritic for experimental film, EuropeanMediaFestival, Osnabrück


biographie Corinna Schnitt
1964 born in Duisburg

1989-96 studied art and film at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach
and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany

1992 27.1.92 S8 colour 3 min
1993 Mahlzeit 16 mm colour 5 min
1995 Good morning 16 mm black/white 5 min
1996 pause 16 mm colour 6 min
1998 Between four and six 16 mm colour 6 min
1999 Out of your clothes 16 mm colour 7.5 min
2000-01 Spare time/ Freizeit MiniDV colour loops/serie
2001 The sleeping girl 16 mm colour 8.30
2002 Schloss Solitude 16 mm colour not finished



















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