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Now Screening:

"May 2002"

Saturday July 6th at 8:30pm

Title: May 2002
Length: 120 minutes
Format: NTSC, DVD, shot on mini-DV camcorder
Production: U.S.A, 2002
Artist: Gye-Joong Kim, born in 1972, Seoul, South Korea
Education: BFA'99, MFA'02, California Institute of the Arts,
Program in Film/Video department

"This documentary video work consists of footages of my neighbors and family through the course of 9 months period. What happened in my everyday life was captured in an extremely spontaneous way. Every scene, which is arranged in chronological order, represents each event happened in each specific days. The scale and flow of time of the video work is very similar to that of the actual happening of events. Thus the viewing requires endurance in order to acquire this experiential metaphor. Through this process, viewers get to observe whatsoever changes the maker, myself, happens to have. Since each scene holds different ideologies or thematic structures, the whole piece holds multiple subjects and numerous vanishing points. It is a grand collage of bits and pieces of images in the manner of Structural films. Therefore the fundamental structure exists in a space where an artist cannot take a whole control over its manipulative representation. It is an imitation of how nature is perceived by us, especially through our memories." Gye-Joong Kim



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