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00>Cockfight Arena<00

11/10/2001 C-Level, LA, CA
09/20/2002, Silverlake Film Festival, LA, CA
01/24/2003, Mixture Gallery, Houston, TX
03/04-06/2003, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
10/10/2003, The Kitchen, New York, NY

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A one night parade of sweat and adrenaline pitting viewer against viewer in brutal virtual cockfighting theatre. Audience volunteers
will don custom-made game controllers with full sized wings and feathered helmets. Combatants will step into an arena to control their life size game avatars through vigorous flapping and pecking, competing for blood and birdfeed while rapaciously inflicting onscreen bodily harm. Cockfight Arena is free and open to the public. Gambling and smoking will be permitted. No animals or humans were injured in the production of this event.

Version 1.0 screenshot + event photos

Project c
o-ordination: Mark Allen & Eddo Stern
Costume Design and Production- Jessica Hutchins & Karen Lofgren
Game Design and Programming - Eddo Stern

Hardware Engineering - Mark Allen
Video Production- Cyril Kuhn, Eddo Stern
Video Footage- Cyril Kuhn, Christina Ulke
Photography - Al Herman, Peter Brinson
Sound - Jason Brown, Eddo Stern
Graphics - Julian Gross, John Williams, Peter Brinson

Suit armature fabrication - Bill Ballou & Cecile Bouchier
Trumpet- Jeff Knowlton
Gambling Software - Daniella Meeker
Printed Material- Michael Wilson, Philip Soderlind

Version 2.0 screenshots



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