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"Experiments in Terror"


Wednesday Oct. 30, 2002
starting at 8pm (80minTRT)


"Experiments in Terror" exhibits recent works of experimental filmmakers within and in dialogue with the genre of the horror film. As a counterpoint in that dialogue, we have also assembled a rarely screened collection of trailers, clips, and other celluloid strangeness from the best (and worst!) of cinematic horror.

Program includes:

1. Helleskellevision (dir. Martha Colburn, 2002, 10:00)
The scabrous animator brings her virulent vision back to the screen with an orgiastic mix of flickering skeletons, 1-800 Sex ads, dancing girls, and extreme evangelism. A Chicago Underground Film Fund recipient.
2. The Fear (dir. Angel Nieves, 2001, 15:00)
Footage from an unfinished horror feature, somewhere circa 1980, reconfigured into this mini supernatural short. Winner Best Short Film NYUFF 2002.
3. Satan Claus (dir. J.X. Williams, 1976, 3:00)
A Christmas tragedy for the whole family. Synthesis of found footage from a 1950's Mexican Christmas Film and Dario Argento's "Deep Red".
4. The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase (dir. Carey Burtt, 6:00)
Using mainly dolls like Todd Haynes' Superstar. Carey Burtt has made one of the most creepy, properly representative documents about the negative and horrific nature of schizophrenia, this side of Helter Skelter.
5. Children of the Grave (dir Rodney Ascher, 5:00)
BOO and Ascherís video for the Black Sabbath song, "Children of the Grave", repairs the damaged link between rock music and genuine, soul-corroding evil while celebrating the mystery of satanic cannibal baby conception and childbirth. Think "Basket Case" meets "Itís Alive" meets a Jack Chick christian tract pamphlet

ALSO: Submliminal messaging, satanic cults, terrifying trailers, and much, much more...

Since 1984, Other Cinema has provided a forum for underground and experimental film in San Francisco. Under the directorship of noted filmmaker Craig Baldwin, Other Cinema screens consistently eclectic, often bizarre programs of film, running the gamut from Pixelvision Festivals, to Activitst Documentary, to Exploitation Film.

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