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"LAMOO: Los Angeles Multi User Dimension"
Eddo Stern & Jason Brown

LA-MOO uses the tools and structures of a MOO (Multi User Dimension, Object Oriented) to inscribe a subjective-arbitrary textual map of Los Angeles.

We imagine LAMOO as literature and landscape in which the reader moves through a map of words. In contrast to the unitary panopticism of traditional mappings and the linear textuality of traditional readings, LAMOO offers an accumulation of meanings which are remapped and re-inscribed by the reading of each participant.

This is also a nostalgic mapping, using tools from an era of text-only computing to collect a set of ephemeral impressions which are as interwoven and spacialized as the structures of memory. But like memory, this nostalgia remains active and creative, offering a sense of rupture and disorientation as well as a sense of suddenly focused presence.

These peripatetic descriptions of subjective Los Angeles form an eccentric geography that varies in scale, detail and coverage, an intricate textual palimpsest of interwoven Los Angeles experiences.

Software: Eddo Stern              
Mapping and Freeway texts: Jason Brown             
Additional texts: Jessica Hutchins        
                    Karen Lofgren           
Michael "zim" Wilson    
Zoe Crosher             
Shelie Ayers            
Ben Ehrenreich          
Celia Pearce            
Jen Liu                 
Eddo Stern              
Jason Brown             

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